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Calatrava Bridges

Calatrava Bridges

  • Autor: Frampton/ Webster/ Tischhauser/ Nolla


  • Quelle: Birkhäuser

    ISBN-10: 3764353643
    ISBN-13: 978-3764353643

    Signatur: FD 016
    Inventar-Nr.: 2521
    Erfassungsdatum: 1999/11/29

  • Datum: 1996
  • It is his bridges that uniquely express Santiago Calatrava's skill at uniting static and dynamic elements in perfect aesthetic forms which convey both playful lightness and dramatic tension, products of advanced technical skill and artistic creativity. A Calatrava bridge is both a symbolic and a practical gesture - surmounting obstacles, striving to unite, whilst radiating a timeless elegance. In recent years Calatrava has built bridges all over the world including the Puerto Madero Footbridge in Buenos Aires, the Orléans Bridge, the Liege Pedestrian Bridge, and the Campo Volantin Bridge in Bilbao. Further bridges in Tel Aviv, Athens, Dublin, Redding USA are in progress. In Dallas he is currently working on a large project consisting of five bridges, in Jerusalem he is building a bridge for trams and pedestrians, and in Venice a bridge over the Canal Grande. All these and many more projects are documented in the revised and expanded 3rd edition of this bestselling publication.